Practical, Actionable Mindset Coaching

for Female Entrepreneurs


Is This You?

You’ve got your own business. You know what you want. Yet for some reason you’re not achieving it.

You know what you could be doing, but you’re not doing it?

Let Me Help You

Get Unstuck & Overcome Whatever Is Bothering You

I help female entrepreneurs to take action to create the business they really, really want.


I’m Amanda Hope – a Mindset & Performance Coach for female entrepreneurs. I offer practical, actionable support so that you can gain the mindset you need to feel confident, motivated and achieve your goals, so that your businesses will flourish.

It’s different isn’t it, when you set up your own business?

Especially if you are working from home?

Creating a work life balance to suit your lifestyle.

On the one hand you’ve got the flexibility and freedom to create your own success.

On the other there’s no one to discuss your ideas with, to hold you accountable, to motivate you or who understands what you are struggling with.

I really do understand what that’s like.

Sometimes the same thoughts keep going round in your head. You find you are not progressing the way you want to. Something is stopping you, and you’re not even sure what.

Perhaps you’re easily distracted, or you’ve lost your motivation?

Or you just want to feel more confident – about speaking to clients, or promoting yourself.

You get to the end of the week and feel under achieved and overwhelmed.

Looking after your mindset is key to your business success, and feeling great about your life.

If you are feeling troubled and not making the progress you want then I can help you.

You will feel motivated, confident and be inspired to take action to achieve your goals. I know you can do this.

About Me


I’m Amanda Hope and I help female entrepreneurs to be the business woman they really want to be. To feel more confident, overcome procrastination and get stuff done.

I share knowledge and mindset skills that I have learnt, and focus on offering practical, actionable support. I know how frustrating it is to know what you want to do, yet something is holding you back. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Do you want to feel confident and motivated to move forward in your business? To overcome whatever is troubling you? So you can just get on with it.


If you are being driven to despair about lack of progress in your business (or personal life), I understand.

Are you lacking motivation? Or procrastinating? Do you feel overwhelmed? Or unsure of how to move forward?

Maybe you know what you need to do, but you just aren’t doing it? Are you avoiding dealing with certain aspects of your business?

And when you try and talk to friends they just don’t get it? Or maybe you don’t have anyone to talk it through with?

My 1 to 1 coaching sessions are designed to get the core of the issue so that you can quickly feel clearer, more confident and inspired to take the action you need to.