One to One Coaching

Practical, actionable mindset coaching for female entrepreneurs.

  •  Are you feeling troubled with the same issues going round and round in your head?
  • Do you know what you really want to do, but you’re not doing it?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, or don’t know where to start?
  • Are you talking yourself out of it, or doubting yourself?
  • Do you keep putting things off, and doing other more “important” things instead (like housework, or anything other than what you really want to be doing to make progress)?
  • You find you are not progressing the way you want to. Something is stopping you, and you’re not even sure what.
  • Perhaps you’re easily distracted, or you’ve lost your motivation?
  • You struggle with no one to hold you accountable, so it’s easy to let things slip
  • Or you just want to feel more confident – about speaking to clients, or promoting yourself.
  • You get to the end of the week and feel under achieved and overwhelmed.

If you can relate to any of the above, and really want things to be different, then 1 to 1 mindset coaching is perfect for you.

Either over the phone or zoom, in your coaching sessions you can unravel whatever is troubling you. I will show you ways to see things differently. We will focus on how you want things to be and ways that you can make that happen. I offer my clients practical, actionable mindset support. I will share with you tools and strategies to help you overcome your obstacles. I use what I have learnt about how our minds and thinking work, to get the bottom of what might be holding you back.

My clients have felt changes from their very first session, feeling happier, more confident, motivated and empowered. And you can too.

Book a 20 min Discovery Call with me, to have a chat about what is bothering you and find out if I am the right person to help you.

Choose Your Package


6 Week Boost

What do you get?

3 one-to-one coaching sessions over telephone or zoom, every 2 weeks

Weekly email support, during the 6 weeks

Your investment?



3 Month Support

What do you get?

6 one-to-one coaching sessions, over telephone or zoom, every 2 weeks

Weekly email support for the 3 months.

Your investment?


What to Expect

 One to one coaching is tailor made for you.

To start with I will ask you questions to understand more about what is troubling you.

And I want to know how you want things to be. If I could wave a magic wand what you would tell me you wanted?

I want us both to be clear on what you want to get from coaching. I want to get to the heart of things and offer you practical, actionable advice. I want you to leave each session feeling motivated with a plan of things to work on over the next 2 weeks.

Sessions are 60 mins long and take place over the phone, or alternatively via Zoom – at 2 weekly intervals.

As a Mindset Coach I can share with you tools and strategies that can help you to deal with whatever is bothering you.

Much of how you feel and behave comes from your thinking. Upto 95% of our thoughts are automatic, from our subconscious mind. These automatic thoughts then lead to automatic behaviours.

If you want to feel different and be different then you can be – and Mindset Coaching can help you get there.

Find out more and have a chat about how I can help you either contact me or book a Discovery Call.

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